About Us

JSD Construction Services is a family owned and run business based in Montgomery County, Maryland. We are passionate about our customers and the quality of our delivery; with over 40 years of combined experience in project management and construction, 23 years in the self-storage industry - we have built many beautiful buildings, retaining happy customers!

Jon DePersig is the President of JSD. He is the resident expert in metal buildings, bourbon and laughter.  He believes in coloring outside the lines, pushing the envelope but most important is that he care about people and will always do what is right.

Wendy Caputo is the Director of Operations. She is the bossy one, with an analytical mind, she makes sure that the business runs smoothly.  She is high energy, a spicy Latina with a lot of creativity and loyalty. She loves the beach, bourbon and helping others.

We treat everyone like family and always work hard and do our best.